Stewart Levine

I am the author of Getting to Resolution and The Book of Agreement, two books about improving personal and organizational relationships and productivity by turning conflict into collaboration, forming agreements for results, and creating the future that you consciously intend. For over 35 years, I’ve been working with people in conflict, in all types of situations.
From feuding partners to disgruntled employees, frustrated consumers to divorcing couples, divided teams to struggling salespeople — I’ve been right there in the thick of it, helping to resolve impossible situations, and saving thousands of relationships and millions of dollars. It’s been my life’s work and personal mission. Over that 35 years, I’ve discovered exactly what works, and what doesn’t work when it comes to resolving and preventing conflict. These same principles, and the psychology behind them, can work for you too. I know, because theyíve worked for me, and thousands of people just like you. My work is based on four simple premises: • Conflict is expensive. • Efficient, effective conflict resolution requires a new paradigm of collaboration grounded on the ten principles of a new way of thinking. • Efficient conflict resolution requires using a new systematic approach; a model that is applied consistently and reinforces new paradigm thinking through routine use. • Resolving conflict using the model returns you to productive lives and functional relationships. In this program “ResolutionWorks Online” you will get a chance to learn about my model – how to apply it, and most importantly, how to enjoy both professional and personal relationships at a whole new level of success and satisfaction.