Course Structure and Features

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by Stewart Levine

Course Structure and Features

This course is composed of six modules (also sometimes referred to as “learning cycles”). Within each module are various numbers of lessons. These lessons are embellished with structured assignments and activities, audio clips, downloads, graphic illustrations, and “Reflections.”

The “Reflections” areas come toward the end of each module and afford the student the opportunity to ponder the material for a deeper engagement and understanding. For this reason I encourage you to keep a journal or a diary through this journey. Benefits include:

  • Keeping your thoughts organized
  • Helping in setting and achieving your goals
  • Allowing yourself to self-reflect
  • Inspiring creativity

Resuming Lessons

You can always pick up from where you left off in a lesson by going to your “Account” in the top menu and dropping down to “My Courses”. There you will see your active and completed courses. Click on the active course to go to the module list.

Contact and Engagement

If at any point you are having difficulty with understanding the course material, you may send me a message using the contact form on this page:
In places throughout the lessons you might be asked to share your thoughts on some of the material. You may respond using the contact page.


On the Resources section of the website, there are several books available for anyone who wishes to broaden their knowledge in the subject of Conflict Resolution.

Continued Learning

ResolutionWorks ™ Online Learning offers a companion course entitled: The Art of Collaboration: 

Creating Shared Vision & Powerful Sustainable Partnerships that Improve Productivity.
This is an advanced course that will further develop one’s skills acquired through taking the suggested prerequisite “Conflict Resolution” course.
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