Special Offer! Online Conflict Resolution Course & The Art of Collaboration Course

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Receive a discount when you buy both of the courses together. The Online Conflict Resolution Course is the preliminary foundation course to take first. The Art of Collaboration Course is an advanced course that further deepens and refines the knowledge obtained through the first course.


Online Conflict Resolution Course

Resolve Conflicts and Develop Agreements for Results

This program is designed to help you resolve conflicts and develop agreements for results. The total costs of conflict from broken, implicit, or incomplete agreements is much higher than you think. The benefits of a culture of resolution and agreement are enormous.

This course is composed of six modules (also sometimes referred to as “learning cycles”). Within each module are various numbers of lessons. These lessons are embellished with structured assignments and activities, audio clips, downloads, graphic illustrations, and “Reflections.” The “Reflections” areas come toward the end of each module and afford the student the opportunity to ponder the material for a deeper engagement and understanding.

You will:

• Improve productivity and profitability.
• Create High Performance Teams
• Enhance & Improve Communication & Collaboration
• Transform Employee & Customer Relations
• Improve Your Bottom Line
• Increase Trust in your Organization
• Profoundly Effect your Professional and Interpersonal Relationships
• Be a Partner in Global Transformation


The Art of Collaboration Course:

Creating Shared Vision & Powerful Sustainable Partnerships that Improve Productivity

This advanced course provides the conversational templates for creating shared vision and agreements for results. It also provides the conversational skills for resolving inevitable differences and conflict making the collaborations sustainable.
The course reviews the communication challenges individuals face in creating shared meaning. The purpose of this course is to have participants acknowledge that communication is a learned skill like any other technical discipline, and that difficulties in communication are understandable given the complexity of the communication process. The key challenge is for individuals to understand the nuance of communication and to accept that they can become masterful communicators.

What you will learn

  • The leadership factors that enable creating powerful partnerships.
  • Best practices for creating sustainable collaborations.
  • Specific conversational communication and collaboration tools.

Program Outcomes and Benefits

  • Understanding the real costs of miscommunication and conflict.
  • Understanding the value of effective communication.
  • Becoming more audience-centric emotionally intelligent conscious communicators.
  • Understanding the challenge of building high performance relationships.
  • Building an interpersonal communication skills toolbox.
  • Developing beginner’s competence in crafting “Agreements for Results”.
  • Developing beginner’s competence using the “Cycle of Resolution” as a tool for overcoming the communication challenges of difficult conversations, resolving conflict and moving beyond resistance to change.

About the Learning Burst™ Methodology
The Learning Burst™ method gives you the opportunity to learn about the art of collaboration without having to disrupt your daily workflow. A Learning Burst™ is a combination of an 8- to 10-minute audio cast and a workbook of supporting material. The workbook material contains further elaboration of the audio cast topic, a short quiz, and exercises to get you to apply what you have learned. Each Learning Burst™ is a self-contained discussion of a particular topic. Audio segments are in an MP3 format so you can play them on any compatible device such as your computer or MP3 player.
Icons Used in This Workbook
Some topics bear repeating and reinforcing. When you see this Key Learning Point icon, take a moment to reflect on the content.
Practicing what you’ve learned via exercises and quizzes truly drives home content and its meaning. The Workout icon indicates a chance for you to practice what you learned and check it against our ideas.
A key to the Learning Burst™ is to Listen to practical examples and ideas on The Art of Collaboration. These audio segments are conversations between the Learning Burst developers (Stewart and Dave) and are designed to go hand-in-hand with the workbook to maximize your learning experience. When you see the Listen icon, use your MP3 player and join our conversation.
Taking what you’ve learned and writing goal(s) in your own terms for your unique situation is a proven methodology to ensure you get the most from this program. To assist you, we ask you to document how you will apply what you have learned.
The Best Way to Optimize Your Learning
This course is for you. We developed the course not only to provide you with great information on how to implement the collaboration tools and methods but also to provide you with excellent, pragmatic tips and methods to do so right away. Learning Bursts™ typically take 20–30 minutes each to complete. We recommend you follow the steps outlined below.
Good luck and enjoy The Art of Collaboration.


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